Team Profile: Minas Shirozian

Minas entered the workforce as a consultant in the life sciences industry in the dot-com era. New technologies were taking shape and life sciences companies were looking for solutions. He describes this opportunity as “the best thing that ever happened to him” aside from the joys and fulfillment of growing a startup.   In this Exchangelodge …

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Idea Exchange: Q&A with Asia Alternatives

A Q&A with Mike Haluszczak, product manager, on why clients like Asia Alternatives are adopting Exchangelodge to wrangle their portfolio company data and improve overall portfolio monitoring efficiency and accuracy. As investments into alternatives continue to increase, so does the data associated with these investments. More data should mean more understanding of our portfolios and …

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Portfolio Advisors Selects Exchangelodge to Automate Alternatives Data Management

The combination of Canoe Intelligence for document retrieval and data extraction technology and Exchangelodge as a data validation and integration platform supports Portfolio Advisors’ vision for automating alternatives data management. NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 10, 2022 – Canoe Intelligence, a financial technology company redefining data management processes for alternative investors and allocators, and Exchangelodge, a data integration platform built …

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Exchangelodge Introduction with CEO Ian Rubenstein

Ian tells us why he joined Exchangelodge with nearly 20 years of experience in the alternative investment management industry. A former Executive Director of Technology at GCM Grosvneor, a publicly traded mutli-asset class alternative investment firm, Ian implemented Exchangelodge before becoming Exchangelodge’s CEO. Exchangelodge is unique in its offer allowing for data governance and data …

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Exchangelodge CEO joins the Private Equity Technology podcast

Trusting your data is now paramount Deal decision making is becoming more quantitative in nature, and driving value creation through portfolio company data collection is more critical than ever. Additionally, LP demand for data transparency is increasing in an ever competitive market. The pressing need for your data to be trusted in alternative investments may …

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