How Insurance Giants Can Achieve Efficiency in Alternative Investments: A Blueprint for Automation

+ In the complex alts landscape, insurance companies face challenges when dealing with sourcing diverse documents from various portals—particularly notices and statements from Private Equity, Real Estate, and Hedge Funds. Additionally, accessing data locked in PDF documents typically requires significant manual processing, validation and review. As insurance firms grapple with these complexities and their increasing allocations …

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Improve Investor experience with digital onboarding and data management tools

+ Investor onboarding and management for Private Funds is a largely manual process, causing frustrations for both investors and fund managers.    Digital investor onboarding tools help streamline the process for everyone involved.  Paired with automated data management/integration, the fund manager and investor experience are vastly improved. As competition for capital continues to increase, streamlining …

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Bridging the Data Disconnect in Private Equity

+ With increased frequency, private equity firms are embracing and leveraging data to drive smarter investing decisions, execute value creation activities, and manage internal financial operations. Many have invested in some of the next-generation analytics platforms designed specifically to help GPs and partners operationalize value creation plans and capture, analyze, and make sense of the …

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Introducing: Exchangelodge for General Partners

The Private Equity industry is experiencing tremendous growth.  With that growth brings increased competition and operational challenges.  Leveraging modern technology to scale efficiently and manage critical processes are keys to a GP’s success. Background Modern technology and industry maturity (i.e. Fund Administrators and other Service Providers) provide a number of options for Private Fund Managers …

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The Exchangelodge Experience for Private Markets: Enhanced Data Transparency, More Customization, Deeper Reporting

Through various workshops and forums with clients, partners and industry influencers, we’ve gathered feedback on the current Exchangelodge platform usability and identified key updates to make based on real-world workflows. Essentially, we are enabling private markets investors, managers, and service providers with simple workflows to use their complex data in new ways.

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Team Profile: Minas Shirozian

Minas entered the workforce as a consultant in the life sciences industry in the dot-com era. New technologies were taking shape and life sciences companies were looking for solutions. He describes this opportunity as “the best thing that ever happened to him” aside from the joys and fulfillment of growing a startup.   In this Exchangelodge …

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