PCAP and Notice Data Exchange

the problem

Partnership account statements are unreliable and inconsistent across GPs




Inconsistent and incomplete data provided by GPs and administrators

Data errors and omissions

Misinformed decisions

Inefficient process to manage the collection and review of disparate data

Disconnected manual steps with limited transparency into progress

Wasted time and resources

Data typically provided in a read only document

Data must be entered multiple times

Increased risk and inefficient manual processes


    Could not trust the data provided from third party administrators

    High dependency on legacy proprietary technology


    Manual paper-driven review process

    Parallel books and records for all portfolios


    Waster time and resources

    Limited ability to scale

the Exchangelodge solution

Create a unified actionable dataset and ensure the information is accurate and complete

automate & Fill in data gaps

Easily connect to data extraction solutions to achieve straight-through processing with out-of-the-box connectors

Create a unified and actionable data set by automatically calculating data points not contained on the PCAP

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validate & cleanse

Leverage the business rules engine to identify data exceptions that require deeper examination

Facilitate review and approval workflow while collecting a complete audit trail to ensure governance and compliance

integrate & report

Streamline analysis with a reporting ready data set or automate data feeds into downstream systems

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Gain significant operational efficiency through exception driven processes

Transform your PCAP data into trusted data

Enable accurate reporting and informed analysis in investment decision-making