Improve Investor experience with digital onboarding and data management tools


Investor onboarding and management for Private Funds is a largely manual process, causing frustrations for both investors and fund managers.


Digital investor onboarding tools help streamline the process for everyone involved.  Paired with automated data management/integration, the fund manager and investor experience are vastly improved.

As competition for capital continues to increase, streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration are paramount for success. Raising new funds, managing subscription documents and integrating data within a manager’s ecosystem has historically been a manual and time-consuming process with only 20% of subscription documents being considered in-good-order when they’re initially submitted. Revisions are time-consuming and expensive. If investor information is changed or updated, the process to get it back into CRMs was a manual copy and paste. 

However, online subscription documents and data integration solutions have revolutionized the way private equity firms onboard investors. This article explores the benefits leading fund managers enjoy when they move their onboarding online.

Improved Investor Experience

By bringing the subscription process online, fund managers can pre-populate investor information and have visibility of changes and updates throughout their raise. No longer are incomplete or incorrect documents submitted via PDF, requiring multiple rounds of edits. Now, fund managers, investors and their stakeholders can all collaborate on a document and get it right the first time.

Enhanced Efficiency and Visibility

Scale your operations to meet increased volume of investors without adding resources. Processes can be kicked off in source systems and tracked through integrated workflows. Every stakeholder can complete tasks and keep track of process status and next steps, and all parties are alerted to any missing data or documents.

Automated Data Integration

Investors need to change or update their information during the process? Updates are routed through Exchangelodge, compared to source systems, automatically kicking off a review and approval process and accepted changes and updates are integrated into downstream systems.

Enhanced Compliance and Security

All data changes are controlled, and review and approval processes are tracked and audited—ensuring data security. With no manual data uploads or unsecured spreadsheets circulating, fund managers are operationally compliant.

The integration of online subscription documents and automated data integration brings significant benefits for private fund managers, investors, and other stakeholders.  By embracing these tools, fund managers can improve investor experience, get enhanced efficiency and visibility, and improve compliance, allowing them to focus on running their funds, not chasing paperwork.


Passthrough is empowering leading investment managers to prioritize people over paperwork by making investor onboarding practically automatic.

We simplify the subscription document and compliance process for fund managers around the world. With Passthrough, investors fill out sub docs completely and accurately in 20 minutes, on average, and 80%+ of Passthrough sub docs filled out correctly the first time. That means instead of weeks or even months of chasing paperwork, fund managers can close their raise fast and focus on running their firm.

Passthrough is a refreshingly streamlined, remarkably fast way to manage investor onboarding.



Developed for the private markets industry, Exchangelodge automates inefficient, error-prone manual data processes, and supplies actionable information ready for decision-making.

The software powers data workflows by integrating existing systems and cleansing all data for accuracy and completeness with its sophisticated business rules engine.  By implementing Exchangelodge’s configurable platform, clients improve data conviction and execute on their business goals with scale and precision.

Leading GPs, LPs and service providers are adopting Exchangelodge technology to use their private markets data with confidence. With Exchangelodge, trusted private markets data emerges.


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