Administrator Oversight

Transform your operating model to increase the efficiency and speed of fund administrator data review and integration

Case Study

GCM Grosvenor Increases Data Efficiency by 400% with Exchangelodge

Exchangelodge has been an incredible leap forward for us. We transformed our operating model and re-allocated 25% of our staff to higher value tasks.

Paul Guercio
Manager Director
Eliminate Manual Review

Leverage Exchangelodge data validations to automate the review process and transition to exception driven oversight

Increase Speed of Delivery

Through a combination of automated periodic review and enhanced period end data validation, reporting timelines can be decreased by as much as 50%

Manage Risk

Mitigate risks associated to incorrect or incomplete data. Access full data transparency and audit trail

Facilitate Real-Time Collaboration

Enable collaboration between Fund Admin and Fund Manager to identify and resolve errors earlier in the process through interactive workflows

Automate Data Integration

Leverage Exchangelodge’s existing library of data connectors to industry specific accounting systems, portfolio monitoring/management and other database/DWH tools