How Leading Alternative Investors are Transitioning from Data Laborers to Data Managers

Partnership Spotlight: Canoe Intelligence and Exchangelodge

Since 2016, global private markets AUM has grown 19 percent annually, while the number of private markets firms has only increased by 6 percent each year. A recent McKinsey & Company report discussed how private markets players have scaled with the average firm being 60% larger today than it was in 2016. What is the primary challenge successful firms have overcome in order to scale? Operational complexity.

Private markets investors deal with a multitude of operational challenges that can further inhibit growth on already strained teams. Oftentimes, these operational tasks are related to document and data management, from retrieving investment documents from multiple GP and aggregator portals to extracting data from those documents and validating the data accurately. These are foundational tasks that must be completed before any informed decision-making may occur.

So, what separates those firms who are scaling from those who are not? Automation. Leading private markets investors are using technology to automate the manual document and data tasks.

Exchangelodge has teamed up with Canoe Intelligence to offer private markets investors a simpler and speedier way to automate the most operationally complex tasks. Most recently, the two firms collaborated to support Portfolio Advisors’ vision for automating alternatives data management.

Use Case: Portfolio Advisors

Since its inception in 1994, Portfolio Advisors has been providing investors with access to high-quality middle market investments on a global basis. Today, the firm manages approximately $38.3 billion in assets and offers solutions across private equity, private credit and private real estate to a wide range of institutional and private investors.

Technologies: Canoe Intelligence, Exchangelodge


  1. Automate Alternatives Data Management
  2. Improve Data Accuracy and Timeliness
  3. Streamline Operations and Restore Team Efficiency


  1. Canoe automates the retrieval and categorization of Portfolio Advisors’ documents from multiple sources including investor and administrator portals and email, and extracts the relevant data.
  2. Through fully automated API integrations, Exchangelodge consumes the extracted data and documents from Canoe and other sources and intelligently identifies, cleanses, reviews and approves any data discrepancies or anomalies.
  3. This results in a validated and trustworthy dataset suitable for delivery to other internal systems for additional reporting and analysis.

Read more about the Portfolio Advisors’ client engagement.

“The combination of Canoe Intelligence and Exchangelodge will provide our team with exceptional data extraction and validation capabilities. By implementing this solution into our technology stack, we expect to continue innovating our approach to alternative investment management, free up time for additional data analysis and reporting, and deliver even better service to our clients.”
– Steve Scolnik, CTO at Portfolio Advisors

Since the beginning of this client engagement, Canoe and Exchangelodge implementation teams have been and are in close coordination to deliver an integrated solution to Portfolio Advisors. While the initial focus was on document digitization, our combined team is smoothly transitioning to data validation.

Exchangelodge and Canoe have both been selected by The Drawdown as finalists in the Technology: Data category exemplifying their leadership in the private markets data industry. Exchangelodge was also shortlisted in the Technology: Innovation category.

Make the Transition from Data Laborers to Data Managers.

Start automating your private markets workflows today with Exchangelodge and Canoe.


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