The Exchangelodge Experience for Private Markets: Enhanced Data Transparency, More Customization, Deeper Reporting

2022 brought much growth and development at Exchangelodge. As we look to the future, we believe that the expanded use of technology within the private markets will become the norm. Firms will no longer be implementing manual processes to manage their data and run their operations. All of the data gathering, aggregation, validation and connectivity to other systems will be automated. The work that is currently taking firms hours to complete will be done in seconds.  

As our Head of Software Development Minas Shirozian describes, “The goal here is to empower teams to become more efficient and give clients and the industry the ability to focus on higher-level thinking and do what they do best.”  

Through various workshops and forums with clients, partners and industry influencers, we’ve gathered feedback on the current Exchangelodge platform usability and identified key updates to make based on real-world workflows. Essentially, we are enabling private markets investors, managers, and service providers with simple workflows to use their complex data in new ways. 

Here is a preview of the key updates made to Exchangelodge platform for both end-users and administrators: 

End-User Experience Enhancements

  • Increased transparency into data and data validations  
  • Rich data visualization and dashboards  
  • Streamlined workflow management  
  • Faster performance and screen load times  
  • Modern best-in-class user experience 

Administrator Experience Enhancements

  • Configurable data mappings and integrations  
  • Personalized data validation without coding  
  • Flexible data model to adapt to specific client needs 
  • Increased transparency and auditability of data flows  

Exchangelodge Brand Refresh

In addition to these workflow enhancements for end-users and administrators, we’ve also refined our brand look to better reflect the future direction of our company.  

Our new logo and color scheme represents a seamlessly connected private markets ecosystem. An ecosystem that is driven by transparent, reliable and trusted data. 

Our goal is to make it simple for complex private markets firms to operate.  

Explore more about Exchangelodge for your private markets workflows. Get in touch today! 


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