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Our Team

Ian Rubenstein - Chief Executive Officer

Nearly 20 years of experience in the alternative investment management industry

Former Executive Director of Technology at GCM Grosvneor, a publicly traded mutli-asset class alternative investment firm

Led strategy and execution of GCM Grosvenor’s transformation into an industry technology leader. Enabled GCM Grosvenor’s business to scale, increased process efficiencies, and empower data-driven decisions.

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James Haluszczak – Founder

CEO of SteelBridge Consulting, a leading consultancy to the alternative investment industry

FinTech industry expert and investor; Board Member: iraLogix, NuMoola, Humanified; Advisory Board Member: Kervick-Wright Technical Services

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Luis Burgos – Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

32 years conceiving and designing software

Experienced FinTech CTO; Former Director of Product Management at SunGard Financial Systems (Investran)

Minas Shirozian – Head of Software Engineering

Over 25 years of software development experience building scalable, dependable, and secure B2B SaaS products

Former Vice President of PharmaMetrics where he led software development and overall IT initiatives

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Mike Haluszczak – Product Manager

Business Process Management Software product management and UI/UX design expert

Former Performance Analyst at a national Investment Consultant

10 years of experience using software to facilitate improved data management and business process

Alan Erickson - Director of Business Development

Over 10 years experience leading business development and management initiatives within the private markets fintech industry

Former Vice President at eFront/BlackRock leading business development of solutions for GPs and service providers