Data integration built for alternative investments


Data integration built for alternative investments

Collect data across the sophistication spectrum from simple flat files to modern APIs and messages
Automated Datafeed

Beyond standard integrations like SQL Server or Excel, Exchangelodge also supports direct connections to industry-specific tools.

Leverage existing data integration connectors to feed your data into Exchangelodge.


Build your own data entry forms to collect information not already in an existing system.

Leverage our workflow engine to route the form to appropriate participants and manage the process of data collection.

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Automatically examine data as it is collected and apply business rules to identify items that require a second look

Business rules can automate answering:

...and many more

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Once the interrogation engine has pinpointed the potential issues, take action

Everything is laid out visually. See all exceptions in clear, simple dashboards.

Use workflow to route the exception the appropriate person for review.

Fix problems and re-test data against established business rules.

Attach supporting documentation.

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Record your tasks, assign them to teams or individuals and track progress. Manage information flow as it moves throughout your company.

Achieve real-time transparency into activities; past, present, and future.

Establish governance by creating process standards and defining clear roles and responsibilities.

Retain a complete audit trail of information, changes, and approvals.

Capture collaboration around content and tasks with detailed comments.

At the core of Exchangelodge is a propriety set of tools to drive data quality and process efficiency within your organization

Data Automation

Library of out-box-the-box connectors to Industry specific applications and tools. Connect to data across the sophistication spectrum from flat files and databases, to API and message-based integrations.

Entities and Relationships

Establish a model that matches the way you think about your data. Create business entities, attributes, metrics, and reference data. Build relationships between the entities to make the model reflect reality.

Brain of Business Events

Create business rules to drive the logic of the solution. Build advanced interrogation rules, data validations, and calculations to enable data cleansing and transformation.

Streamline Process

Bring processes to life with the Workflow Engine. Track workflow progress through steps and tasks. Ensure governance through data and task owners and routing. Collaborate in real-time and review and approve data to drive quality.

Collect and Enter Data

Collect data from inside or outside your organization. Enter data not already captured in systems, review data interrogations, modify data exceptions, collaborate with comments and attachements.

Real-time Transparency

Dashboards provide the ability to create summarized visualizations of your data and processes. Highlight issues and exceptions, manage data integration workflow, and oversee business operations.

Exchangelodge is a full cloud-based platform

Mobile Availability
Robust Security
Limited Maintenance
Endless Scalability