GP Suite

Streamline processes, institutionalize knowledge, and efficiently scale.

Strengthen your data with a proven solution

Scale Your Operations

Centralize operations and data workflows in Exchangelodge and institutionalize your firm’s process management practices, allowing for growth

Automate Operations

The GP Suite comes with an ever-expanding library of workflows tailored to the needs of General Partners to enhance and streamline operations. Enable users to extend current processes by editing existing workflows or creating new workflows

Enhance Collaboration and Data Sharing

Enhance real-time collaboration across departments or with third-party stakeholders while connecting data, documents, and comments directly to workflows

Gain Transparency and Manage Risk

Ensure timely completion and track status via on-screen dashboards, scheduled workflows, task assignments, and due date management, mitigating risks associated with incomplete processes. Retain a full audit trail of all changes and approvals

Increase Data Confidence

Extend workflows to leverage the full power of Exchangelodge to connect systems, and validate and ensure data is complete, accurate, and trustworthy

GP Suite Includes

GP Suite Includes

Administrator Oversight

Transform your operating model to increase the efficiency and speed of fund administrator data review and integration

Playbook for Fund Managers

Automate and centrally manage critical workflows like investment onboarding, investment funding, and portfolio company valuations

Port Co Data Exchange

Achieve data governance and ensure your firm’s analytics are trustworthy by creating a single master version for entities, attributes, and metrics

Data Integration as a Service

Connect all your systems with out-of-the-box connectivity, data transformation and normalization, & real-time monitoring with full audit trail

Processes & Workflows Include

Process & Workflows Include

Administrator Oversight

Eliminate manual review by automating validation of core accounting data to Transform your operating model to increase efficiency and speed of fund administrator data review and integration

Investment Onboarding

Coordinate between departments to ensure new investment information is complete and reviewed

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Investment Funding

Manage review and approval across teams, source(s) of funds and funding instructions for all investment cash flows

NAV Review

Coordinate and streamline quarterly NAV review and sign-off across stakeholders

PortCo Data Collection

Track periodic data received against an expected list, validate data against previous periods, support valuation and reporting process


Facilitate the valuation process by ensuring all relevant data has been updated and final mark is reviewed, approved and disseminated

Client Reporting

Track and process quarterly fund and investor reporting, including management of investor side letter requirements

Annual Close / Audit

Manage complex year-end close, reporting and audit requirements across internal and external stakeholders

Data Integration as a Service (DIaaS)

Easily connect to Exchangelodge’s library of data connectors to industry-specific accounting, portfolio, and database systems for real-time monitoring