Exchangelodge Introduction with CEO Ian Rubenstein

Ian tells us why he joined Exchangelodge with nearly 20 years of experience in the alternative investment management industry. A former Executive Director of Technology at GCM Grosvneor, a publicly traded mutli-asset class alternative investment firm, Ian implemented Exchangelodge before becoming Exchangelodge’s CEO. Exchangelodge is unique in its offer allowing for data governance and data integration of workflows and systems in private markets.

About Exchangelodge

Who we are  

Exchangelodge is the data integration platform built for the alternative investment industry.  We transform your alternative investment data into trusted data.  Automate, interrogate, cleanse, and control your data to achieve informed decision making, efficient operations and mitigate risk.  We unify data disconnections across investment managers, investors and service providers.

Why us 

We are unique in solving for data challenges in alternative investments. The alternative investment industry can finally depend on one modern, intuitive platform built by industry veterans to gain an edge.

For more information, please visit

847.630.9097 |
2818 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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