Exchangelodge CEO joins the Private Equity Technology podcast

Trusting your data is now paramount

Deal decision making is becoming more quantitative in nature, and driving value creation through portfolio company data collection is more critical than ever. Additionally, LP demand for data transparency is increasing in an ever competitive market.

The pressing need for your data to be trusted in alternative investments may be underrated by some, but it is real and deep. The players who acknowledge the problem and address it first will have gained a data and overall competitive advantage, in efficiency and investment decision making with a superior ability to meet client demands.

Thought leaders in major alternative investment firms recognize it, and it has shaped the inception of Exchangelodge a few years back. Exchangelodge has become a thought leader in data management for alternative assets.

Listen in as our CEO, Ian Rubenstein,  joins the Private Equity Technology podcast to discuss the state of the private equity industry and how GPs can now tackle these challenges that will shape the future of our industry.

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Who we are  

Exchangelodge is the data integration platform built for the alternative investment industry.  We transform your alternative investment data into trusted data.  Automate, interrogate, cleanse, and control your data to achieve informed decision making, efficient operations and mitigate risk.  We unify data disconnections across investment managers, investors and service providers. 

Why us 

We are unique in solving for data challenges in alternative investments. The alternative investment industry can finally depend on one modern, intuitive platform built by industry veterans to gain an edge. 

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