Exchangelodge Announces Version 2.0 of Its Platform, Including a Fund Administration Oversight Module

Pittsburgh, PA., September 5, 2019 ( –
Exchangelodge, a provider of SaaS digital process automation and data integration solutions to Alternative Investment managers, announced today the immediate and general availability of Exchangelodge Version 2.0, which includes a Fund Administration Oversight module. The latest release of the Exchangelodge Platform brings together a number of new features and added system functionality, providing substantial benefits to Alternative Investment managers.

“Exchangelodge allows Alternative Asset managers, investors, and administrators to automate key business processes,” said Robert Caporale, CEO of Exchangelodge. “Our new Fund Administration Oversight module eliminates the need for costly shadow accounting and manual reconciliations.”

Advancing Fund Administration Oversight

The Fund Administration Oversight module automates a fund of hedge fund manager’s review of their administrators by utilizing workflows, business rules, and data interrogation to highlight exceptions.

The Fund Administration Oversight module features the following capabilities for fund managers:

  • ​Pricing Review: Easily identify pricing exceptions of underlying fund investments, including pricing outside of configurable thresholds and missing prices.
  • Transaction Review: Efficiently review transactions and identify both completeness and accuracy exceptions, including those related to subscriptions, redemptions, and corporate actions.
  • ​Portfolio-Specific Review: On a portfolio or fund basis, review investments across the entire portfolio based on predetermined metrics, such as investment returns, administrator expenses, net other assets and liabilities, and management and incentives fees.
  • Reporting: Extensive operational reporting on all aspects of key data is readily available in multiple formats, including HTML, Excel, and PDF.
  • Management Dashboards: Effectively review key summary metrics.

Additional Exchangelodge Version 2.0 Enhancements

Now, the Exchangelodge Platform has the following enhancements available to fund managers:

  • Workflow Manager: This component now offers File Attachment capabilities and Notifications to improve facilitation of mission-critical business events across internal and external teams.
  • ​Data Manager: Advancements such as a Microsoft Azure Connector, Excel upload and download, and a data collection Forms Builder allow you to automate data intensive processes such as fund subscriptions and carry plans.
  • ​Report Manager: HTML and PDF reporting formats are now available to improve management effectiveness.
  • ​Improved Auditability: From comments to user and system actions, trace data elements back to the source.
  • Enterprise Enhancements: Support for Single Sign-On Authentication for improved security and integration of log aggregators for system analytics.

About Exchangelodge

Exchangelodge is an enterprise SaaS platform that provides Digital Process Automation and Data Integration solutions to Alternative Investment Managers. As a configurable, low-code platform, Exchangelodge efficiently combines workflow management, data integration, business rules logic, management dashboards, and reporting to deliver impactful solutions to industry challenges. Exchangelodge clients enjoy the benefits of automation, control, auditability, and transparency, as well as cost and risk reduction. Exchangelodge was founded by industry-leading management consultants at SteelBridge Consulting, a boutique fund advisory services firm that has been dedicated to the alternative investment industry for over 10 years.

About SteelBridge Consulting

SteelBridge Consulting is a boutique services firm which provides expertise exclusively to the Private Capital industry. Their mission is to help clients successfully execute on their strategic, financial, and operational objectives to create more effective organizations. SteelBridge Consulting services general partners, limited partners, third-party administrators, portfolio companies, and software vendors.

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